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Your BUFFALO® team
May we present...
Tadaaa! Lisa and Palina have joined our #BUFFALISTA Influencer Crew and are now a part of the Buffalo family! The tough girls from Cologne are captivativing - not only because of their positive energy, but also with their style knowledge. They will add an extra portion of fashion, cool outfit combinations and “How to wear” inspiration to our future Style News columns!

From now on, the fashion bloggers will treat us to beautiful style news every month, where we can discover everything about the newest (shoe) trends, with an extra portion of girl power! 

But first, lets get to the truly important things ;) Palina and Lisa have revealed 10 facts about themselves, which even we didn’t know.... Stay tuned!
  1. I stumble at least once a day over a pair of shoes.  
  2. My boyfriend and I have conversations with our (still) imaginary dog.  
  3. I collect vintage jackets from all over the world. 
  4. I am the most productive listening to heavy metal music.  
  5. I love spending time in DIY stores. 
  6. I found my personal (dress) style in New York. 
  7. I need pizza at least once a week. 
  8. I can’t even keep a cactus alive.
  9. Mick Jagger is my style role model.
  10. Lizzy Jagger complimented me on my outfit in New York.
  1. I love pickled cucumbers - for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 
  2. As a kid I always wanted to be a chimney sweeper - even though I grew up in a prefabricated building in Russia where there was no chimney ;) 
  3. Sleeping is my hobby. If noone wakes me up, I always sleep until 12 noon. 
  4. Paris is my absolute favourite town and home.  
  5. When I moved to Germany at 14, I was teased in school because of my name, Palina Pralina. Nowadays, I have made it into my brand. 
  6. I speak 4 languages - and also think in all four, which is often chaotic in my head.  
  7. I often find identical things in my wardrobe and ask myself: Why have you bought 3 pink caps?!  
  8. Life would not be half as lovely without my labrador Mika 
  9. I could eat sushi every day 
  10. 90s style is my absolute favourite trend!
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