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How to create 2 looks with 1 style

Vacation Vibes @palinakozyrava

Ibiza is not only party central, but also a luxurious holiday island. And of course, for those flying there, fashion choices have to be upgraded accordingly ;). Whilst getting ready for my trip to Ibiza, I checked out the shoe trends for Summer 2017, and found some lovely sandals from Buffalo which can be worn in all sorts of ways.

Today I’ll be showing two looks which couldn’t be more different, yet have one thing in common: Elegant Buffalo sandals. One is a sexy part look, while the other is a relaxed, yet elegant holiday outfit.

Buffalo Night Look    
The party outfit is very sexy: I am wearing a dark blue bodycon dress with cut-outs, with a gold, heart-shaped clutch. As summer nights can be somewhat longer, it’s advisable not to only go out in high heels. Elegant sandals with glittery jewels are just as pretty, but also have the advantage of still being comfortable!
Buffalo Day Look
The holiday look on the other hand with a loose, white tunic and trendy, mirrored sunglasses, is made all the more nicer with the sandals and is just as perfect for a beach club.

These two different styles show how the Buffalo sandals can be worn with such versatility. They are my absolute favourite shoe this summer - real must-haves!
Mules mit Absatz Buffalo
If you like this style, you should find yourself your favourite model quickly, as most of the prettiest sandals sell out at the beginning of summer. You can find many other models and styles on the Buffalo site - so you can combine the right shoe with every style to create everything from relaxed, to luxurious looks. 

Yours, Palina Kozyrava