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Over-the-knee boots: Perfect for Autumn
by @thelfashion

The transition from Summer to Autumn is a challenge for every wardrobe and makes you question every outfit choice: too warm for thick woolly coats and too cold to give your favourite summer pieces a last-chance outing. Normally this is the time of year when I shake up my wardrobe and decide it’s time for something new (yes, that means shopping).

But this time I thought, why not try and make my favourite summer clothes fit for colder days?

Over-the-knee boots are the heroes of the Autumn wardrobe
That’s why so far the only addition to my Autumn wardrobe is a pair of over-the-knee boots. This year Buffalo are again offering a wide range of different over-the-knee styles as part of their Autumn/Winter collection. The fit was however the most crucial factor for me this time, as no one has the time (or the energy) to pull their boots back up over their knees every three steps. 

I’ve already worn this style on multiple occasions (thanks to the low heel they’re useful for everyday wear as well) and there’s been no risk of them slipping down. 

The fact that they’re also a bit thicker makes them the perfect companion for the transition between seasons.
The ultimate between-season outfit  

You can still wear dresses and skirts in the Autumn months without the danger of getting frostbite - so my favourite band T-shirt and a pair of shorts from the summer were put back into action. Simply combine with a pair of over-the-knee boots and a cosy cardigan (we all own one) and your perfect between-season outfit is complete.

A delicate slip dress or other summer dresses would also get a completely knew look when paired with sexy over-the-knee boots - and I think we’re all pleased that we can go without those irritating pairs of tights for a little while longer. So, the first addition to your Autumn wardrobe should simply be a pair of over-the-knee boots.   

Yours, Lisa