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Rose coloured glasses

by @palinakozyrava

Wherever you look, everything is pink! This year I am seeing fashion through rose-tinted glasses... literally. Pastel colours are going absolutely nowhere this season, and that’s why today, I’ll be showing you how to correctly combine these in-trend colours without looking like a little girl.

Clean cuts and over-sized clothing are a must

You should always choose clean cuts that are not too pretty. In the photos you can see a wide-cut hoodie and also some wide-cut pink culottes. Apart from at the hem of the hoodie, the cuts are very clean and simple, and they give the look a distinct style. The colour should also match with the wide-cut of the clothing. Clothing that is too tight quickly seems very cheap and so wearing everything a bit oversized is important.
Tone-on-Tone Trend

You should pay attention to the colour tones of accessories to make sure they coordinate with each other. My pink Buffalo heels with a subtle bow and my pink handbag are perfectly colour coordinated with the look. It is especially important that the shoes are of high quality. The Buffalo shoes in the photos are the perfect choice for this beautiful style and really go with the outfit.
Are you slowly starting to see things through rose-tinted glasses too?

Then have a look for matching pieces for your wardrobe or shoe collection. For those who would like to slowly give the trend a go, you can first pick out some pink shoes, and then combine them as you please. The new Buffalo shoe collection offers a few interesting styles that could suit you and your individual look. From sneakers to glittery heels, there is something for everyone in the new collection!
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