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Your BUFFALO® team
The BUFFALO x J1MO71 BY LISA & LENA collaboration is represented by the claim “BE YOURSELF #NOTLIKED”. In a digital era where superficial likes on social media seem to count more than liking yourself – Buffalo and Lisa & Lena decided to start a campaign for more self-love.   

Be Yourself #NOTLIKED is about not comparing yourself to others. It’s about not evaluating yourself by superficial likes on social media. Be Yourself #NOTLIKED is all about trusting yourself, about finding things about yourself YOU like and living by them. Because the only “like” that counts is liking yourself. So BE YOURSELF #NOTLIKED  

We hope you follow our call and choose self-love and realness over superficial likes. Feel free to share your thoughts via #NOTLIKED.

Each of the three shoe-designs, tell a different story, that’s why we created for each one of them an own video. You can see all three videos soon. 
We hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed creating them. If you want to see how it went on set, you can have a prior look via our behind the scenes.