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Patch up your style!
Patches will ensure you’re always in a great mood this season! Small, colourful patches will bring some colour back to everyone’s look during these grey winter months! But how can you combine these laid-back, colourful statements? Whether your style is simple or kooky, with this look your creativity can roam free!

Clothes with patches can be used as statement accessories and integrated into simple looks. Or they can be the crowning glory of your outfit and be combined with different colourful motifs.

#BUFFALISTAS can now also enjoy this trend on their feet! Buffalo combines two style essentials by bringing small patches to our current best seller - our over-the-knee boots. They will make your look sexy and cool! 

Overkneestiefel Patch Nahaufnahme
For ultimate versatility the boots can be fitted with removable spore straps!

Overkneestiefel am Bein
Fits your leg perfectly thanks to stretchy fabric