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Face The Strange
by @thelfashion

Even though Spring is seemingly still yet to arrive, the new fashion collections for Spring/Summer are already waiting in the wings. And believe me, the new Buffalo collection has everything. You won’t just find the typical Summer sandals in this collection, but a whole range of unusual trend models. The collection is entirely governed by the motto, “Face The Strange”. Individuality is still frequently seen as a negative trait, since it marks people out from the crowd and puts them in a position that often seems uncomfortable. However, those who look at the bigger picture will quickly recognise that being different is really something wonderful. Following the crowd is boring: on the contrary, realising your individuality is a sign of strength. 

And what better way to express this than through your personal style? Developing your own style requires personality, and only your own will do. Being strange? Even better!

Ones to watch in the new BUFFALO collection

In light of the new motto, more classic styles of shoe are taking much more of a backseat in the Buffalo Spring/Summer collection. Instead, the collection is based on eye-catching models that stand out thanks to their unusual designs. I fell helplessly in love with the white platform loafers with stud details at first sight. Here the current Western trend is implemented slightly differently - though as usual, there’s no spurs. Whether you pair them with statement trousers, Bohemian looks or brown legs in the Summer (give me a few more months for this one), these shoes are guaranteed to give you an individual look. The hippy-inspired leather mules have also taken my fancy already, but in this case we’re still waiting for those tanned legs I was talking about. If you can’t wait that long, the unusual wedge ankle boots with all kinds of details are the perfect solution for the transition from Winter to Spring. This collection has certainly placed no limits on creativity. Just get comfortable in your strangeness and breathe new life into your personal style.

Lisa X
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