Our products features

At BUFFALO, we are committed to respecting our environment and ensuring the welfare of all living beings without sacrificing comfort. Sustainability and eco-friendly fashion are becoming more and more important to us. By using environmentally friendly, high-quality materials and fair conditions in production, we live up to this standard every day and seek to align the BUFFALO brand with these goals. On this page, we explain the features of our products to help you choose your new favourite shoe. Let our styles inspire you.


Comfort for you

All our shoes are designed by our BUFFALO design and product team and produced for you following a fully integrated and tested process. In addition to the use of high-quality and sustainable materials, we place special emphasis on comfort and a perfect fit. We are in constant development to guarantee you the highest level of comfort. Through innovative materials and attention to detail, we create products that inspire and in which you will feel completely comfortable.


High-quality leather

Our leather shoes stand for quality and environmentally friendly production. All our leather tanneries are certified for their respect for the environment. When selecting our high-quality materials, we attach great importance to adhering to the highest standards. Responsible and conscious care for nature is highly important to us.