95% of the shoes from Buffalo are Peta-aproved vegan

We are changing our perspective and going vegan. Check out our wide selection of peta-approved vegan Buffalos and find your perfect style for every look, produced only from materials with no animal components. The same typical Buffalo boldness, from a different perspective. Bold, loud and vegan.

PETA-approved vegan shoes

To raise awareness of vegan fashion and accessories and its diffusion, PETA in cooperation with companies of the fashion industry continuously strives to bring animal-friendly styles and designs to the market. To better identify vegan fashion, PETA awards a logo that allows animal-friendly companies to highlight their vegan fashion products and their commitment to animals.

Materials and components with no substances of animal origin

Our vegan shoes cause 78% less chemical emissions into the environment compared to conventional products.

The waste of water is reduced by 95% compared to conventional products. This benefits our health, ecosystem and resources.

The impact on global warming is reduced by 77% compared to conevtional products, largely due to decreased emissions.

Vegan production uses 18% less fossil fuel resources compared to conventional products, leading to decreased levels of CO2.