BUFFALO’s history begins with Mexican cowboy boots. Michael Conradi discovered them in 1976 on a trip. He acknowledged the trend and quickly sold them to fashionable young people on the German market. The success story started with the foundation of Buffalo Boots GmbH in 1979, in Wiesbaden. In 1984, BUFFALO established itself internationally. At the same time, the brand expanded its product range with specially designed sports shoes and proved its versatility. In 1995, the internationally acclaimed style icon was born: the “Classics” sneakers with their iconic platform sole. The “Cloud Sole” became the signature piece of the ‘90s—icons such as Cher, Madonna, N’SYNC and the Spice Girls loved wearing this unique and bold-looking shoe.

Since then, BUFFALO has developed into one of the most well-known brands in Europe, with products sold all over the world. The focus of every new collection is on the aspirations of an entire generation: confident, passionate and unconventional. Just like you! Buffalo Cultivating Boldness from the feet up.


Twice a year, BUFFALO presents its new and unique collections. These not only pick up on existing trends but also set them themselves! From glamorous party girl to sneaker lover to elegant boss lady, each style combines cool design and high-quality processing. Through collaborations with world-renowned designers, brands and influencers, our collections combine the latest trends with influences from international runways and inspirations from the digital scene. So far, BUFFALO has been able to create individual and exclusive capsule collections in collaboration with designer Marina Hoermannseder, fashion magazine 032c, sports brand Puma and influencers Lisa and Lena.