In everything we do, we aim to inspire and empower people worldwide to express themselves and actualize their potential, starting from the feet up! Respect, transparency, and acceptance take center stage in this endeavor - Communication is our key! Swift and trustworthy action must be taken in the face of human rights violations, environmental concerns, health and safety hazards, and other issues.

That is why we at Buffalo are committed to recording all reports and following them up carefully. Whether from individuals, organizations, business partners or other parties.

If you yourself are affected or have observed a violation, you can simply submit a complaint to us. We guarantee that every complaint will be investigated and treated confidentially and, if necessary, anonymously.

Submit your complaint here.

What we need from you:

  1. Name (if you do not wish to provide a name, you can also submit the report anonymously; however, this may make it more difficult and delay the processing of the report).
  2. Contact details (e.g. telephone number, e-mail address or postal address).
  3. Information on whether the complainant (you) or other affected parties must remain anonymous.
  4. Country and location where you are located and, if applicable, specific production site or other information that allows the location to be clearly identified.
  5. Detailed description of the human rights, environmental, health or safety related notice (including date or time period). If available, please submit supporting documentation.

How does the complaints procedure work?

  1. We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your report with an acknowledgement of receipt.
  2. The reason for the complaint will be determined and its admissibility checked. If the complaint is admissible, we will carry out a detailed check and inform you of the expected processing time.
  3. If a more in-depth investigation of the facts is necessary, we will carry out our own on-site inspection or commission a service provider to do so. Any costs for these inspections will be borne by us.
  4. The complaint can then be resolved by mutual agreement between all parties. If no agreement can be reached, we reserve the right to define the consequences of the complaint after extensive consideration of all aspects.
  5. If we have caused or contributed to the complaint through our actions, we will initiate processes to remedy any grievances, mitigate the effects and prevent recurrence as reliably as possible.